1/2 Cubic Foot Activated Carbon

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Discount Water Softener activated carbon works with all backwashing or upflow designed activated carbon filters. It is recommended that you replace the activated carbon in your filter approximately every 3 to 4 years

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Activated Carbon
Taste and odor reduction media. Activated Carbons 12 x 40 is an excellent filtration media for chlorine reduction with excellent adsorptive properties. Used to improve taste and odors, reduction of chlorine. Periodic backwashing is recommended. Replacement of activated carbon is usually three years depending on water quality and use. Bituminous coal 12 x 40.
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Number of Bathrooms No
Regeneration Type No
Required Backwash Rate No
Service Flow Rate No
Internal Port Size No
Media Tank Size No
Overall Dimensions (Width x Dimension x Height) No
Electrical Power Requirements No
Warranty No
Ships with media in tank for easy installation No
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