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Commercial Water Softeners For Sale

Commercial Water Softeners are engineered to eliminate calcium, magnesium, iron, and other materials from hard water supplies through ion exchange. Commercial Water Softener Systems are ideal for businesses such as medical facilities, laboratories, restaurants, car washes, laundromats, and more. Commercial Water Softener Systems can extend the lifespan of business appliances that use water, improving cost savings.

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Eliminate Hard Water with Our Commercial Water Softener Systems

The process for a Water Softener intended for residential use and a Commercial Water Softener are very similar. However, what differentiates them is the size of Commercial Water Softeners, as they are much larger and regenerate more frequently.

Commercial Water Softeners offer many benefits beyond just extending the life of appliances, boiler systems, pipes, and more, as the soft water makes cleaning easier and water better tasting.


Commercial Water Softener Water installation can be feasible if you have experience in plumbing. However, we recommend having a professional plumber complete your Commercial Water Softener installation and programming.

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Our team of experienced customer support representatives is available to help you at any point in choosing the ideal water softener for proper installation, programming, and troubleshooting. Our team is dedicated to helping you resolve any issue. We provide helpful, comprehensive instructions and video guides to support you through installation and more.

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At Discount Water Softeners, all goods are warranted for materials and workmanship by the manufacturer. While specific warranties for many goods exceed one year, the warranty period for all goods shall be at least 12 months from receipt of merchandise. Refer to the factory for full warranty terms and information covering a specific product. All warranty submissions require proof of actual manufacturer defect to be submitted for warranty consideration.

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There are a lot of places to buy water softeners but, no one knows water softeners better than Discount Water Softeners.

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