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The Best Water Softener For Well Water

Posted by Discount Water Softeners on Jan 14th 2021

Homes receive water from one of two places: a public water source, like a water treatment facility, or a private source, such as a well. Private sources are more common than one might think-- more … read more

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Water Softener at a Big Box Store

Posted by Discount Water Softeners on Dec 18th 2020

 For a vast majority of shoppers, pricing is the leading factor in choosing where to buy large appliances. Quite often, there’s money to be saved on major purchases when you shop at a big-box … read more

The Best Water Softener 2020

Posted by Discount Water Softeners on Dec 3rd 2020

Safe drinking water is essential for human health, during a pandemic or otherwise. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the novel Coronavirus of 2019 hasn’t been detected in water supplie … read more

Can a Water Softener Also be a Whole House Filter?

Posted by Discount Water Softeners on Oct 15th 2020

If it’s true that a whole house water filtration system filters all the water in a home, then why would homeowners need a water softener? Won’t a whole house filter remove calcium and magnesium min … read more

Top 10 Benefits of Soft Water

Posted by Discount Water Softeners on Sep 23rd 2020

Hard water won’t let you off easy. And while it’s a natural result of minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulating during the water cycle, allowing hard water to run through your home will yiel … read more