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How much salt do you put in a water softener?

May 20th 2020

Maintaining your Water Softener’s Brine Tank Water softeners were created to solve a common problem: hard water. Hard water conditions can range from slightly annoying, to highly destructive. The … read more

How often should a water softener regenerate?

Apr 29th 2020

HOW OFTEN DO YOU REGENERATE A WATER SOFTENER?  What Is Regeneration of a Water Softener?  The process through which a water softener removes hard water minerals that have been colle … read more

What To Look For Before Buying An Iron Filter

Apr 8th 2020

Iron Filtration Systems Iron is one of the most common contaminants found in well water. Iron, along with manganese and hydrogen sulfide, are the main causes of rust and odors in your drinking wa … read more

Our COVID-19 Response and Commitment

Mar 21st 2020

Our Valued Customers, The employees of Discount Water Softeners, Inc extend to each of you our thoughts for continued good health and safety as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues. Our … read more

What to look for before buying a water softener.

Mar 17th 2020

Investing in Your Home As a savvy consumer, you’ve always done your homework before making big decisions regarding household appliances--before buying a water softener is no different. Major appl … read more