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Find the Water Softener That Works For you

It can be confusing finding the right water softener for your needs and budget.
This page can help you find the right size water softener to you.

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Water Softener Sizing Chart

Knowing your water and usage is vital to purchasing the correct water softener. A water softener that is too small will not be able to keep up with your needs and will wear it down faster. High grain water softeners cost more money and on over-sized softener means wasted money.

This page will help you determine the right size water softener for you.

Determine the proper water softener based on your hardness and number of people in your house.


Number of people in your house

Hardness in Grains Per Gallon1 to 2 people*3 to 4 people*5 to 6 people*7 to 8 people*
5-10 GPG 32,000 Grain 32,000 Grain 32,000 Grain 40,000 Grain
11-20 GPG 32,000 Grain 32,000 Grain 40,000 Grain 48,000 Grain
21-30 GPG 32,000 Grain 40,000 Grain 64,000 Grain 80,000 Grain
31-40 GPG 40,000 Grain 64,000 Grain 64,000 Grain 96,000 Grain
41-50 GPG 64,000 Grain 80,000 Grain 96,000 Grain 110,000 Grain
51-75 GPG 64,000 Grain 80,000 Grain 96,000 Grain 110,000 Grain
76-100 GPG 80,000 Grain 96,000 Grain 96,000 Grain 110,000 Grain

Determining Water Hardness

Water Tank

My water is supplied by my city/municipality

We recommend contacting them directly first for information about your water hardness. Most providers provide water hardness information on their website or will provide if contacted.

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    Ideal Regeneration

    Ideal regeneration frequency is 5 to 7 days at 75% of total capacity. Why 75% capacity? 25% reserve capacity is necessary in case of excessive water use from time to time.

    Example: 3 people (75 gallons per person per day) in a home avg. 225 gallons of water used per day with 15GPG will need a 32,000 grain system set up for 24,000 grain capacity.

  • 3

    Convert PPM to GPG

    If you need to convert hardness from ppm to Grains per gallon (GPG) divide the total water hardness by 17.1.

    Example: 200ppm of total hardness / 17.1 = 11.69 GPG

  • 4

    Adjust for Iron

    If iron is present in your water supply please add 5 grains of hardness for every 1 ppm of iron and determine your size water softener from there.

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