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Get a Free Water Hardness Test Kit

City Water Residents:

Option #1
Please contact your local municipality of water supply company via their website or water quality report. You can search your city name followed by “Water Quality Report” and you may find the hardness right on their website. If not you may need to contact them via phone to get that information quickly.

Option #2
You can fill out the form on the bottom of this page to receive a free water hardness test kit, which will be sent via the United States Post Office mail from Illinois.

Private Well Water Residents:

It is important you have a recent Iron level, PH, and water hardness reading in order to size your softener correctly, and determine if an iron filter is required. (Our free hardness test kit alone will not be sufficient).

Option #1

Since we require a recent iron reading as well as a recent hardness and iron test result from all customers to make sure we size a softener correctly, our free hardness test kit alone will not be sufficient.

You can purchase the well water test kit from us, which includes the proper iron test up to 50 ppm, pH test kit, AND the free hardness test strips. Your kit will also include a $25 VIP credit towards purchase of a Genesis water system.

Option #2

You can fill out our water sample mail-in form and you can mail in a water sample that we will test your water with our professional testing equipment for FREE! We accurately test for water hardness, iron and PH.

Free Water Hardness Test Kit

Reminder, this test is only if you have recently had your well water tested for iron or PH and you only need your Hardness Level. If you need testing for iron or PH, please use our water sample mail-in form or purchase the well water test kit

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