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Water Sample Mail-in Form

If you would like to send us a water sample, we will test your water with our professional testing equipment for FREE!

We accurately test for water hardness, iron and PH.  (We need at least 4 oz; so fill 8oz water bottle at least 1/2 way)

If you’ve recently had your well water tested for PH and Iron and only need Hardness level, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 1:  Get a container that has previously held water (such as a disposable water bottle; not a mayo/juice jar; this can skew results)

Step 2:  Let the water run for 30 seconds before filling

Step 3:  Take a SAMPLE of Raw water (Raw water is defined as taken at the well or before passes through ANY filters or softeners)

Step 4:  We need at Least 4 oz of water;  

Step 5: Tape it closed; Label it time/date and that it is raw well water

You can send in more than one sample for us to test; just label each clearly (If one is raw and one is after the softener/system)

Step 6:   If Well Water: Please check for the FOLLOWING:

Do you have Iron bacteria?

How to check for Iron Bacteria:

  • Go to the bathroom that is used least and lift back tank cover--Is there a white file on the water? 
  • Is there a sheen?
  • In the corners is there a cottony substance?
  • If you put your hand under the water line, along porous inside tank, does it feel slimy like a dog bowl? 

These are all signs of Iron bacteria present.

Step 7:  Submit the following form and mail your water sample to us:

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