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Water Softeners

On Demand Water Softeners

On Demand water softeners are the most commonly installed systems due to their efficient operation in regards to salt and water usage. Choose from our Genesis High Efficiency Systems, Fleck Systems or Logix (Autotrol) Systems.

Timered Water Softeners

Basic water softener system use older time based regeneration. Not nearly as efficient as on demand operation but still reliable. Choose from Fleck and Logix (Autotrol) System.

Cabinet Style Water Softeners

Choose from on demand or timered versions of these compact all in one systems for tight spaces. Featuring Fleck controls.

Commercial Water Softeners

Our Fleck Commercial water softeners are ideal for high flow and high usage applications. Wether it is a restaurant, car wash, or hotel, we have a system that we can size correctly for you.


Compare Water and Salt Usage for EACH Regeneration

                      Size Resin Tanks in Grains Per Gallon (GPG)

                               Salt Usage for Every Regeneration

Fleck          Genesis High Efficiency

24,000       10    lbs                  3     lbs
32,000       15    lbs                  6     lbs
40,000       19    lbs                  7.5  lbs
48,000       22.5 lbs                  9     lbs
64,000       30    lbs                  12   lbs

                     Water Usage in Gallons for Every Regeneration


             Fleck             Genesis High Efficiency


24,000       58    gals                  24   gals
32,000       71    gals                  31   gals
40,000       89    gals                  44   gals
48,000       89    gals                  44   gals (same diameter tank as 40,000)
64,000       114   gals                 60   gals


Example: A family of 4 on city water with a hardness of 22 GPG would need a 40,000 GPG water softener.

The correct size water usage and softener should regenerate at least every 9 days, but usually regenerates

approximately every 7 days. Therefore, a family of 4 would regenerate at least 4 times per month.

If they used a Fleck softener, they would use:

76 lbs of salt per month, which is 912 lbs per year.

The Genesis High Efficiency softener would use:

30 lbs of salt per month, which is 360 lbs per year.

The Genesis would save this family of 4, 552 lbs of salt per year.

Over 15 years, this family would save 8,280 lbs of salt if they purchased the Genesis Upflow systems below.

Genesis Upflow

Genesis Premier (Upflow)

Genesis Revolution (Upflow)

If you are not sure which size water softener is best for your family, please call our sales support line and they

will be happy to help. The Genesis brand name is Discount Water Softeners line of High Efficiency water

softener.  Please leave a voice mail and our sales team will call you back!

The Genesis upflow systems also rely on simple, yet proven internal piston and seal design that has been in

water softener valve manufacturing for over 30 years. It is clear that our Genesis upflow water softeners and reviews

deliver uncompromising performance that is unrivaled in the water softener industry.