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  • Genesis upflow water softeners

    High Efficiency Genesis Water Softeners

    Highly efficient upflow water softener systems provide soft water while using less salt and water than traditional downflow water softener systems.

  • Economy water softeners

    Economy Water Softeners

    Discount Water Softeners offers a variety of economy water softeners to fit your needs and budget.

  • Specialty Water Softeners

    Specialty Water Softeners

    Improve your residential and commercial water with our selection of dual tank water softeners and specialty combo water softener/filter systems.

  • Genesis Iron Filtration

    Iron Filters

    We carry a large selection of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide filtration systems. Choose from basic iron filters all the way up to whole home chlorination.

  • whole house water carbon filters

    Whole House Water Filtration

    Remove chlorine and chloramines from your water and improve the overall taste and odor of all the water in your home.

  • Reverse osmosis systems

    Reverse Osmosis

    Our reverse osmosis systems provide a safe and clean purified water source right from your home.

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Duo Platinum Water Softener and Whole House Filter

The Genesis 2 Duo Platinum is the most advanced whole home filtration paired with high efficiency softening that makes this system the best choice for your family and your home water needs.

  • • Lifetime control head/valve and tank warranty
  • • Water softener and whole home filtration in one
  • • Save on water and salt usage
  • genesis duo platinum reduces contaminants

    Significantly reduces harmful chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals.

  • whole house water filter - bottled water quality

    Get great tasting softened water in your whole home with one simple system.

  • duo platinum high flow control valve

    High Flow 1.25" Internal Flow On Demand High Flow control valve with proven ceramic disc resin.

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Duo Platinum Water Softener and House Water Filter
Genesis 2 Water Softener
Genesis Water Softener

Meet Genesis 2.

Your High Efficiency High Flow Water Softener

Our Exclusive Genesis 2 Upflow On Demand metered digital water softener is the new standard for high-performance while offering more features designed to make installation easier and faster than ever.

  • Save up to 64% on Water Usage
  • Uses 75% Less Salt
Explore Genesis 2 Water Softeners

Discount Water Softeners is Your Trusted Water Treatment Partner

There are a lot of places to buy water softeners but, no one knows water softeners better than Discount Water Softeners.

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