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Remove Chlorine and Chloramines with Just One Filtration System

Dec 7th 2018

Whole House Filtration and Why it Matters

Providing toxin free water for your family to drink, bathe and clean with can be achieved through whole house filtration. Whole house water filter systems remove harmful contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, arsenic, e-coli, cryptosporidia, and lead. Whole house filters makes safe high quality water attainable and affordable.

Why Water Filtration is Important

What you see isn’t always what you get. Unfiltered water from any source may contain harmful chemicals, contaminants, bacteria and dissolved solids. Water that comes directly from a municipal source often contains harsh chemicals that are used to disinfect your water but can cause your family harm over time. Additionally they can damage skin, hair and clothing. Contaminants and dissolved solids that cause hardness can be present in both municipally supplied and privately sourced water. The good news is that all of these unwanted stowaways can be removed by whole house filter systems.

Genesis Duo is a Softener and Chlorine/Chloramine Removal Filtration System in One

A whole house filter system like The Duo removes unsafe chlorine and chloramines through catalytic carbon filtration while softening the water which lengthens the life of your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher. Hardness in water builds up in pipes restricting pressure and leaves residue on dishes and glasses. The combined effect of a filtration system with a water softener will provide your family with safer drinking water, longer soap life, cleaner pipes and more efficient longer lasting appliances. The Genesis Duo whole house filtration system solves all of these problems.

remove chlorine and chloramine from drinking water filtration

How is water softened?

Water softeners remove dissolved calcium, magnesium and iron from water through ion exchange. A water softener swaps hard elements for sodium based elements. Removal of hardness from water means the damaging effects are also removed. A water softener is the only way to achieve the amazing, silky, smooth feel of luxurious skin and shiny hair.

Water Softeners: Downflow (traditional) VS. Upflow (smart technology)

Traditional water softeners use what is called Downflow regeneration. This basic process while effective is limited and inefficient. Downflow systems regenerate more often while averaging 75% higher salt and 64% more water usage. These systems are forced to waste unused capacity known as a reserve which decreases efficiency and wastes money, water and salt.

Conversely, Upflow technology is designed to lift and separate the resin from the bottom up during regeneration. This process ensures a much higher efficiency of the ionic transfer process. The reserve capacity technology conserves both water and salt. Upflow system manufacturers provide longer period warranties due to the smart technology which extends the life of the system. The ground breaking advancements of multiple high efficiency salt settings, Upflow technology and reserve capacity allow smart softeners like the Genesis line to be exceedingly efficient.

Remove Chlorine, Chloramine and Softener Water

Reverse Osmosis Benefits

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are designed to remove lead, aluminum, copper, nickel, silver, zinc, mercury, ammonium, lead, arsenic and more. Consider an under the counter 4-Stage or 5-Stage RO system to remove and reject these minerals while vastly improving flavor in food and drinks. RO systems replace bottled water needs which saves money and is a much greener choice for the environment.

A lot of parents want their children to drink chlorine/chloramine-free water, but they also want to remove the contaminants detailed above. An RO system will also remove fluoride that has been added to municipal water. There are differing opinions on whether children and adults should drink fluoridated water. Publications on excess fluoride state that a condition called fluorosis occurs in children that have ingested too much fluoride. Some children develop permanent white spots on their teeth from taking in too much of the substance, but you should talk with your dentist about this or purchase an RO which can remove 92 to 95 percent of all fluoride from your drinking water.

Unwanted Substances in Your Water

Many people are surprised at the types of substances commonly found in tap water. These include leachate from septic systems, herbicides and fungicides, lead, mercury and barium. The water can also contain sediment from rock and traces of radioactive waste in some areas. Some water supplies are known to contain chlorine filtration removal system from city watergasoline additives, degreasers and solvents. Although these chemicals are likely only found in trace amounts in tap water, they can make you sick over time and with repeated exposure.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there are more than 700 toxins that have been identified in municipal water sources. More than 20 of these have been shown to have a direct link to cancer.

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You are exposed to these chemicals not only when you are drinking, but when you are cooking, bathing, brushing your teeth and washing your dishes. If you have children, they are exposed as well, and harmful, un-filtered water can aggravate conditions like asthma and eczema.

Choosing the Right Whole House Filtration System

Removing chlorine, chloramine and hardness from your water can be achieved with just one filter system. Whole house filters are installed at the point where the water enters your home, filtering out everything before it comes into any of your pipes. Whole house catalytic carbon filters remove the chlorine and chloramines from the water, resulting in improved taste and a removal of odor. Water softeners remove damaging dissolved solids of hard water. Reverse Osmosis systems remove and reject minerals that can be damaging to health and improves taste. In areas where low pH is common neutralizer systems will increase pH levels in water making it less likely that pipes will erode over time and extend the life of plumbing systems. Water coolers that come with built-in filtration or purification systems reduces expense on bottled water.

When selecting a whole house water filter, choose one that ensure the removal of the harmful and dangerous toxins that are present in your water. Remember that municipal water plants often only remove the toxins that the law requires them to remove. A strong filtering system will remove all toxins, even those that are "legal" in your water system. The best filters can remove radioisotopes, volatile organic compounds and drug residue from your home.

When it comes to providing your family with clean and safe water, don't take any chances. Ask us about the Genesis line of water softeners and filtration systems find out how they can help your health today.