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Local Services

Who is Discount Water Softeners, Inc.?

We are a family owned and operated water conditioning company located in Cary, IL that has been serving the Chicagoland area since 1998. Our experienced staff has been trained in residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment and conditioning.



Complete Line of Pro Series Water Softeners

Our Pro Series water softeners offer the most efficient and cost effective trouble free operation on the market. All Pro Series water softeners are backed with an industry leading 10 Year warranty or more.

Pro 4 Reverse Osmosis Purifier Systems

Our Pro 4 reverse osmosis system offers complete point of use purification eliminating the need for expensive bottled water. The Pro 4 provides you a safe, clean, low cost water supply

Clearly Pure Bottleless Water Cooler/ Purifiers

Get unlimited purified hot and cold water for one low price. Reverse osmosis or ultra filtration models are available for purchase or rent. EasyPay payment terms are available.

Salt Delivery Services

Call today for our reliable salt delivery services. Or we can setup an auto refill program for you.

Advanced Chemical Free Iron filtration

We offer exclusive chemical free iron filtration systems that keep your fixtures iron free for years. No more harsh chemicals. Set it and forget it.

Accu-Pro Whole House Chlorination made simple

Our exclusive no leak Accu-Pro feeder will eliminate the need for those messy chemical pumps that always end up leaking Whole house chlorination made simple yet effective.

EPA Recognized Laboratory Testing Services

We offer a full line of independent laboratory water testing services recognized by the EPA. Our testing determines what is in your water so we can make it cleaner and safe to drink.

Repair Services

We repair most major dealer brand water conditioning equipment. Call today. We are here to help.



Our approach to assisting customers with their water needs is unique. We always provide the proper system based on your water quality, your family's needs, and the size of your home. We go to great lengths to ensure that the proper system is recommended to you at a fair cost and always install your system according to local codes.

We also offer additional plumbing services from one of our licensed and fully insured plumbers. Call today for more information.

Our knowledgeable staff has combined experience in water systems that extends beyond 40 years.
Call us or email us today for more information or a free quotation and water test.