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Why the Fleck 7000 was Discontinued

Posted by Discount Water Softeners on Dec 11th 2018

Are High Flow Rate Water Softeners Gone Forever?

With Pentair’s phasing out of the Fleck 7000 water softeners due to inefficient operation and often unreliable performance, there would appear to be a void in the market for a high flow system. While there are other high flow water softener systems on the market, there is one that is not only far from retiring but setting the industry standard.

The Genesis Revolution is not just a high flow system; it is also an advanced high efficiency, quality water softener backed by the best warranty in the industry with a one-inch (1") internal port.

High Flow Water Softener Systems

This type of water softener refers to the flow rate of water that passes through the valve and resin tank while undergoing the ion exchange process. Raw water flows through the conditioned resin in the softener, which exchanges sodium for hardness elements, thus softening the water. Larger volume water requirements benefit from higher flow filtration, since more water can be drawn simultaneously.

The Genesis Revolution provides a compatible flow rate to the Fleck 7000 and is the only water softener sold on the Internet with a true, one-inch (1") internal port. Industry standard, internal port size is 3/4" and allows plenty of flow for standard use for smaller homes with 2-3 bathrooms.

However, with larger homes that have 4 or more bathrooms that contain more piping, an increased rate in gallons per minute (GPM) needs a one-inch (1") internal port, so there is more pressure in the home when more appliances and showers are being used at the same time.

High Efficiency (HE)

Technological advances improve how products are produced and perform. As improvements are implemented, older technologies are rendered less effective and make their way to the museums and antique stores. Much like a rotary phone, they are fun to look at but no longer able to compete with newer models.

The Fleck 7000 is retiring due its inability to compete with high efficiency softeners like the Genesis Revolution in the current industry. Fleck 7000 reviews are now considered outdated and irrelevant.

There is now only one high flow and high efficiency water softener sold online, since the Fleck 7000 has been discontinued as of September 30, 2016, which is the Genesis Revolution. This technologically advanced model is designed to save both water and salt over the downflow Fleck 7000 (and 5600SXT with a ¾" internal port).

Utilizing smart technology allows it to calculate and adjust for maximum savings. By gauging a fluctuation in water usage in the home each month, the system will provide soft water and adjust its reserve capacity at a cheaper rate than outdated, downflow softeners like the Fleck 7000.

Fleck can no longer offer more pressure (GPM) with the 7000's 1" internal port because their units use 75 percent more salt and 64 percent more water than the Genesis filtration units. A side-by-side comparison of the Fleck vs. Genesis water softeners illustrates the cost benefits and savings.

High Efficiency Benefits

High efficiency water softener systems provide savings that compound over time and quickly pay for themselves. The efficiency is in the design, which utilizes an upflow rather than downflow system.

Flowing brine water from the bottom, then up through the resin tank allows for a more efficient regeneration. The control valve is designed with features that monitor water usage until just prior to the regeneration process begins and adjusts the amount required to regenerate based on capacity and usage.


This feature saves both water and salt.

The system is also able to adjust for occasional heavy use by running an emergency regeneration, which is a 20-minute cycle designed to provide enough soft water to bridge until the next regeneration. The system is able to perform multiple emergency regenerations as needed.

Water usage for a 48,000 grain, high efficiency upflow is 44 gallons, while the same size downflow system uses 89 gallons per regeneration. That is 2,340 gallons of water per year saved with an upflow softener. Using less water saves expenses and the environment by not wasting water--one of our most important resources on the planet.

Even more dramatic is the salt efficiency. Consider that the amount of salt usage for a high efficiency upflow in a 48,000 grain water softener is 9 pounds per regeneration compared with 22.5 pounds used by the same size downflow water softeners. That equates to 468 pounds for the Genesis Revolution and 1,170 pounds for the Fleck 5600SXT and 7000, which has a 60% annual savings.

High Quality and 10-Year Warranty

The Genesis Revolution has been engineered to last longer and perform better over time through technical advancements. Every detail of the system has been thoroughly considered to ensure quality material and technology is used, along with one of the longest warranties in the market today. The best quality marker is defined by the reliability and confidence of the manufacturer. The 10-year control valve and lifetime tank warranty are signals of excellence.

Best Water Softener

Advancements in efficiency, quality and functionality are the trademarks of a better product. The Genesis Revolution sets the standard in all three areas, while providing cost savings and environmental benefits. The best water softener on the market is not a substitute for the Fleck water softener, it is a replacement.

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