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Do I Need a Water Softener?

Dec 7th 2018

Learn About the Water Softener Benefits to Your Health and Home

Our Genesis high efficiency water softener filters are effective at removing the excess minerals from your home's water supply that cause the condition known as hard water. About 85% of the country has hard water, though many people are not aware of it. Find more about the water softener benefits for your home now.

Hard water refers to any water supply that contains excess minerals or metals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Even though hard water is generally safe to use, it causes a variety of problems with your appliances that use water, as well as difficulties with household cleaning and bathing. Water softeners offer homeowners

benefits that range from aesthetic to practical and financial.

High Efficiency Water Softeners Today

Genesis upflow water softener filtration systems pay for themselves through water and salt efficiency, which translates to cost savings. You can save up to 75% on salt usage and up to 64% on water used with each regeneration over a down flow softener.

This makes your softener less expensive to operate and more environmentally friendly. This advanced water softener line offers a lifetime warranty on the tank and a 7- or 10-year warranty on the control valve, also known as the power head. They also provide many benefits for your household.

Water Softener Benefits with Genesis

The Benefits for Household Cleaning 

Using a water softener helps cleaning agents like detergents and soaps to lather better, which means much less product is used. A better lather cleans dishes, plumbing fixtures, and clothing. In addition, softened water leaves less soap scum and hard water scale, which dulls fixtures, clothes, hair and skin.

When hard minerals get trapped in fabric, your apparel tends to get spots, turns whites to gray and colors appear dull and lackluster. The scum and scale left behind on dishes, glasses and fixtures require extra cleaning and specialized products to remove the scaling.

Eczema outbreaks and other skin irritations are minimized.  Plumbing fixtures stay cleaner while reducing clogs and slowing the water flow. Clothing fabrics last longer and look brighter. Time spent on housework is lessened.

The Benefits of Maintaining a Cleaner Plumbing System

Hard water deposits build up in your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances. This accumulation leads to corrosion and clogs that reduces water flow and causes costly plumbing repairs. Also, the effective life and efficiency of appliances and fixtures are reduced, which leads to costly plumbing repairs and replacement costs.

For example, a shower head can become completely clogged in less than two years. By using a water softener to reduce mineral deposits, build-ups are minimized and the life of your plumbing system, appliances and fixtures is extended by many years.

The Benefits of Protecting Your Water Heater

Hard water takes longer to heat and leaves scale build-up, which forces the water heater to work much harder and less efficiently.  Softened water heats up quicker 

and more efficiently, saving wear on your water heater and cost on your power bill.

Free Hardness Water Test Kit

Soft water improves a water heater's efficiency by 22 percent for electric units and 29 percent for gas-powered units. The reduction of scale build-up extends the life of a water heater by many years.

The Benefit of Preserving the Life of All Your Water Appliances

Hard water's minerals will build up inside water-using appliances, decreasing their efficiency and shortening their overall work life. The water softener benefits of a Genesis filter prevents mineral build-up and keeps your coffee maker, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine and ice maker running smoothly. You will also reap financial savings in two ways:  your monthly energy costs will be lower and your appliances will last far longer, postponing replacement costs.

The Benefit of Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Studies have shown that when you have a water softener in your home, the greenhouse gas reductions realized are equivalent to those gained by removing one SUV from the road for twelve months.

Which Water Softener Technology is Best for Your Home and Budget?

A Genesis upflow, high efficiency, on demand water softener filter system helps you clean your home more effectively and efficiently; improve care for your skin and hair with less use of soap and harsh products; maintain your plumbing systems, water appliances, and water heater efficiently to achieve the maximum useful life of these systems and devices; be more environmentally responsible; and save you money in a variety of ways.

If your water shows 5 grains or more of mineral particles, it should be treated with a water softener. In order to determine if your home has hard water, contact your local municipality or ask us for a free hardness test kit.