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Iron Filtration

Genesis Katalox High Flow Iron and Sulfur Backwashing Filters

Our best-selling iron, sulfur and manganese filtration system that also removes arsenic and filters down to 3 microns with a 7-year warranty on the control head and lifetime tank warranty.

Eliminator Chemical Free Iron/Sulfur Filtration Systems

The simplest system for removal of high iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese in almost any well water supply

Eliminator Plus Iron and Sulfur Filtration Systems

One single system for removal of high iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide when iron bacteria is present. Great alternative to Greensand filtration

Birm Iron Filtration Systems

Proven iron and manganese removal systems with zero ongoing maintenance.

Pyrolox Iron/Sulfur Filtration Systems

Proven oxidation ability for iron and hydrogen sulfide removal.