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Under Sink Filtration - Making Healthful Choices

Dec 11th 2018

Under Sink Water Filter Systems: A Reverse Osmosis Comparison

When it comes to healthier, cleaner water it’s easy to see why many homeowners choose under sink water filtration systems with the capability of removing as many contaminants and harmful bacteria as possible. Factor in that under sink water filter systems have become easier to install and more convenient to maintain—now homeowners have countless options. So what is the best choice for a home’s drinking water? This depends on a family’s water consumption needs.

Let’s look at reverse osmosis (RO) filtration. RO technology is great for the removal of specific chemical contaminants and can be extremely useful for its purpose. But, RO systems are not the simplest or most cost-effective solution and may not be best suited for all homeowners.

A reverse osmosis comparison will show that most RO systems require a constant flow of water to clean and flush its membranes. These membranes can deteriorate quickly and contain bacterial growth, making inconvenient (and costly) filter changes a relentless task in keeping an RO system working correctly. In contrast, filtration such as the Genesis HydroPure Premium Undersink Drinking Water System is efficient and economical technology. Filters can last up to a year and homeowners can replace them quickly and effortlessly.

Under sink filtration systems dispense clean water quickly, maintaining a high water flow, whereas reverse osmosis systems can be sluggish—creating gallons of waste water everyday. Homeowners looking to turn their city or well water into superior drinking water will find water filtration under sink technology, such as the cost-effective HydroPure, a breeze to install and maintain.

Why the Body Needs Healthy Water

The fact is, the human body needs clean water to survive. Chemicals and toxins are an ever-present concern when it comes to a home’s drinking water; it’s imperative that what is ingested won’t be loaded with unhealthy or dangerous contaminants.

Without adequate drinking water, the body is more susceptible to breakdown. Kidney disease, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, high blood pressure, skin disorders, premature wrinkling, digestive issues, constipation and fatigue are just some of the ill-effects of insufficient water consumption. Drinking clean water will reduce hunger, energize muscles and keep a body feeling great.

Families are more likely to drink water when it looks and tastes fantastic, with easy access straight from the tap. There are countless advantages to having oh-so-pure, refreshing water, right from the kitchen faucet.

What’s in Drinking Water that Shouldn’t Be?

While a reverse osmosis comparison reveals that RO water filters will reduce a fairly wide spectrum of contaminants such as dissolved salts, lead, mercury, calcium, iron, asbestos and cysts, it will not remove some pesticides, solvents and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) including certain ions and metals like radon and pesticides such as 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene, 2,4-D and atrazine.

The Genesis HydroPure Premium Undersink Drinking Water System, on the other hand, will safeguard tap water from over 60 contaminants, including many of those that a reverse osmosis system won’t filter out. The HydroPure under sink filtration system uses a special blend of carbons and KDF 55 (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) media. KDF is a high-purity, copper-zinc formulation specifically designed for the removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide and controlling scale, bacteria and algae. Homeowners can count on water filtered by the HydroPure to be clean, healthy, and safe.

Certification and What to Look for When Purchasing Under Sink Filtration

When it comes to filtration, contaminant removal capabilities are always an uncertainty. Homeowners may question the effectiveness of a filtration system; just how many dangerous contaminants is the filter certified to remove? 

One challenge that homeowners face with RO is not knowing the expected performance and protection that a residential system will offer. Many reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers have not performed testing or received certification guaranteeing the elimination of chemicals.

Product certification gives homeowners added confidence that claims made by a certified product have been verified by an independent third party. The HydroPure filtration system uses a quality carbon filter and is NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified. It's designed to reduce harmful impurities such as heavy metals, inorganics and volatile organic chemicals present in drinking water. Certification of this kind minimizes exposure to microbiological, chemical or particulate contaminants potentially hazardous to health.

Determining if a particular product is as safe and effective at reducing various contaminants as a manufacturer claims is not always a straightforward process. This is why it’s important for a home’s water treatment system to have NSF certification. The end result: homeowners can trust filtration systems sold through Discount Water Softeners have been through a comprehensive evaluation process because product quality and health is the top priority for customers.

The Bottom Line

People take drinking water for granted, not realizing the toxins that could be lurking within. The quality of municipal water is inconsistent and most homeowners aren’t lucky enough to live nearby a mountain stream to tap directly into nature’s finest, purest water supply. Nearly all water is delivered to homes via a series of pipelines stemming from a public municipal system. Despite water treatment regulations, the same pipes carry water for years, guaranteeing quality issues, even with disinfection. Chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, disinfection by-products, and other chemicals are likely invading a home’s unfiltered water.

The Solution

In addition to being easy-to-install and cost-effective under sink filtration system, it creates a reliable source for great-tasting, healthy water. Filtered water negates the need to purchase bottled water and can save homeowners considerable money each month. An under sink filtration system treats and purifies water in the supply line directly, making every glass of water fresh and clean each time the tap is turned on. Living with the taste of unfiltered water is bad enough, yet potential health threats are harder to ignore.

For homeowners looking for the best quality, out-of-sight water purifying system, the HydroPure can’t be beat. An optimal filtration system with a 3-year warranty and high contaminant reduction capabilities brings peace of mind for families and reduces water waste like reverse osmosis filtration systems. Enjoy an unlimited purified water supply. Thirsty? Simply install the Genesis HydroPure Premium Undersink Drinking Water System, turn on the cold water (without the need for a separate faucet on the counter) and pour a glass of cool, naturally refreshing water.