I have a private well and I need my water tested, what are my options for testing and what is the cost?

Discount Water Softeners, Inc. can provide your with some simple testing options with little or no cost to you. If you are on a private well and your only concern is the water hardness, you can go to our contact us page, fill out your contact information and select "Send me a test kit".

If you think your water contains other impurities or may have other issues, you can send us a sample for testing of total hardness, dissolved iron, pH, and TDS. Just simply go to our contact us page, click and print the form called "Send us a Sample" Follow the instructions for drawing your sample and mail it to the address listed on the page. Be sure to send your sample on a Monday or Tuesday so that it does not sit over the weekend. The quicker the sample is tested the more accurate your results will be.

Your third option is to select one of the testing kits that we have available on our site under the Water Testing section. Our Water Check 6 kit is simple and can be done right in your home. Our more in depth WaterCheck test kit options are done in a laboratory that is nationally recognized and conforms to EPA regulations. Your results can be sent directly to you.

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