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Why should you choose Discount Water Softeners, Inc. for your online water treatment supplier?

Discount Water Softeners, Inc. is a Full Service Water Treatment Company. Our office and warehouse is located in Cary, IL. We do not sell out of our home or from a P.O. Box location. We are fully licensed and insured and currently sell, service, and install most major brand water softeners. We are also active members of the Water Quality Association. We service all residential and most commercial locations. Here is just a short list of some of our very satisfied commercial customers:

  • Noodles and Co. Restaurants (20 Chicagoland Locations)
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Coca Cola 
  • Three Oaks Assisted Living
  • Natural H2O
  • Glenview Fire Department (6 locations)
  • MaKray Memorial Golf Club
  • Barrington United Methodist Church
  • Grove Plating Co.
  • ML Plumbing
  • Many plumbing companies throughout the U.S.


We at Discount Water Softeners, Inc. have over 25 years of combined experience in commercial, industrial, and residential water treatment. We have routinely attended training through the Water Quality Association and Association of Water Technologies seminars. We have sold, serviced and installed literally 1000's of pieces of water treatment equipment locally in northern Illinois and throughout the U.S. Our experience and qualifications are included with all the systems that we sell. With our experience we can help you disseminate between accurate and inaccurate information currently found on the internet. We realize that you can find the similar equipment elsewhere on the internet but our qualified customer support can only be found at Discount Water Softeners, Inc.


At Discount Water Softeners, Inc. we feel that supplying, servicing, and installing water treatment equipment should be provided with the utmost honesty and integrity. We refuse to sell water treatment equipment for the sake of making a profit alone. We feel it is extremely important to properly assist our customers with diagnosing their water treatment needs through proper testing and provide the most effective system for their needs. Almost all water treatment system failures can be blamed on improper sizing or diagnosis. An oversized or undersized water softener or filter can have catastrophic failures and consequences in your home. We work closely and thoroughly with all customers to ensure our systems properly fit their needs to prevent failures and extend the life of your investment for years to come.

We only promote truthful and accurate advertising information. We follow what the Water Quality Association recommends as proper methods for sizing and treatment of water. We refuse to mislead customers with water softeners/filters all in one systems that fail in a very short time. We refuse to advertise false comparison websites that rates our company and our systems as the top choice. We also refuse to sell cookie cutter systems like the big box home improvement stores. All of our systems can be customized to your family or businesses specific needs. We never sell our systems on ebay. We do not sell our systems out of a home or from a post office box location. Our office and warehouse location address is listed right on our website so you know exactly who you are buying from.