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Chlorine Injection System for the Whole House

Dec 11th 2018

Remove Bacteria from Well Water Safely

A number of contaminants, including disease causing bacteria and other organisms, can affect water quality and purity. It is for this reason that water supplies are treated with chlorine and chloramines by most municipalities. Before chlorine and chloramines were used during the disinfection process, deadly waterborne diseases, such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery were common.

Benefits of Whole House Chlorine Injection System

  • Typical Chlorine Injection Systems Lack Truly Proportional Feed Like the Genesis Feeder
  • Drawbacks Eliminated with Chlorination Systems
  • Whole House Chlorination Systems are Made Easy by Using Water Dosing Technology to Eliminate the Need for Pumps and Electricity
  • Offers Easy-to-Install Chlorine Injection Systems
  • Water Purity and Safety Improved with Chlorine Feeder System

While some private wells are free of disease causing bacteria, others contain bacteria and other contaminants like Coliform, lead, arsenic and iron bacteria. Improving the water quality and purity can be achieved through the installation of various filtration systems and/or water softeners. In some cases, the levels of contaminants in a well are so high that it is necessary to use a chlorine dispenser system.

Whole house chlorine injection systems disinfect and make the water safe to drink by removing the contaminants that affect the water's taste, appearance and smell. A carbon filter then removes the chlorine before the water is delivered to the home.

Bacteria and Other Contaminants Enter Private Wells Easily

Even if initial water tests show that a private well is free of disease causing bacteria and other contaminants, impurities can enter the water supply at a later point. Small openings in the well casing make it easy for private wells to be contaminated with this type of bacteria.

Contaminants can build up in plumbing “dead ends” or may enter the water supply when repairs and additions are made to the plumbing system. Bacteria can be introduced into the well from flood runoff.

Other contaminants considered harmless to human health, such as iron, may be present in the water naturally and at levels that severely affect the quality of the water. Even though iron and sulfur-loving bacteria are not believed to cause disease, the quality of the water is impacted by their presence.

Kill Bacteria & Contaminants through Oxidized Chlorination

Bacteria can be eradicated by chlorinating well water. Chlorinated well water also removes iron and contaminants through a process called oxidation. Stains caused by iron contamination, foul rotten egg smell and other water quality issues caused by iron bacteria and contaminants are eliminated by chlorine water treatment systems.

New Chlorine Feeder Technology

  • Chlorination Systems Made Easy with New Technology
  • Older Residential Chlorination Systems Feature a Number of Disadvantages and Drawbacks

In the past, it was challenging for homeowners to achieve chlorination of well water at levels sufficient enough for bacteria and other contaminants to be eliminated on a continuous basis. One way to obtain chlorinated well water is to apply high levels of chlorine directly into the well through a process known as “shock chlorination.”

Well system bacteria present at the time of application are killed, but this process is inefficient because it does nothing to eliminate bacteria and contaminants that will enter the well in the future.

Chlorine injection systems are a significant improvement over “shock chlorination,” because chlorine is fed into the water as it enters the home by well-chlorination pumps and chlorine injectors. In these types of chlorination systems, chlorinated well water is mixed and held in a tank until it is needed. This allows the water to have enough “contact time” with the chlorine in order for complete disinfection and oxidation to occur.

Older chlorine injection systems use well-chlorination pumps that are tied into the well’s pump. This means that when the water pump is running and drawing water from the well, the chlorination pump is activated and also runs. This outdated process can lead to the overfeeding of chlorine into the water.

When water contains high levels of chlorine, the taste and smell of the water can be affected. Chloramines can impact water quality and purity, too. Efficient chlorination systems operate on an accurate proportional feed of chlorine into the water supply, so overdosing does not occur.

Maintenance and repair are needed by well chlorination pumps over time, which adds to the cost of these systems, as does the electricity that is used by the pump's operation. A meter to control dosing is required by some complete chlorine injection systems, which is an additional expense.

Genesis Whole House Chlorination System Made Easy

Most water quality and purity issues can be resolved with chlorination. Private well systems that use “shock chlorination” or well-chlorination pumps in combination with chlorine injections to treat harmful bacteria are inefficient. This results in inconsistent water quality and can be costly to purchase, operate, maintain and repair.

For these reasons, a Genesis Whole House Chlorination system is recommended by Discount Water Softeners for homeowners that are searching for true chlorination systems made easy. It is a complete chlorine injection feeder that eliminates many of the drawbacks typically found in other residential chlorination systems. This system uses chlorine injectors that apply new dosing technology that is powered by water, rather than electricity, to proportionally feed the chlorine into the water supply as it enters the home.

Since dosing is based on water flow, it is impossible to overfeed chlorine into the water supply. Neither a pump nor electricity are required for disinfection and oxidation to occur. This saves on operation, maintenance, and repair costs to the system.

A single, small tank is used by the system for mixing and retention, which saves on space. Installation is made easy by using a simple supply and return line for the water that enters and exits the system. The cost and ease of use are reduced further as the system uses chlorine injections of simple household bleach for disinfection, rather than more costly chlorine pellets or tablets.

With this single system, the growth of bacteria is controlled, as well as hydrogen sulfide—up to 8 ppm (parts per million) and dissolved (soluble, known as the element Fe) iron up to 15 ppm are removed.

Excess chlorine from the water supply is then removed by carbon filtration—once disinfection and oxidation has occurred. The carbon filter oxidizes the chlorine and removes it through periodic backwashing. Backwashing filters are pre-programmed for maximum efficiency.

The Genesis whole house chlorination system is available exclusively at Discount Water Softeners. It is the only complete chlorine injection system on the market that offer the following benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Truly proportional feed without ongoing adjustment to feed
  • Does not require the use of motorized pumps or electricity for chlorine injections

It’s clear the Genesis Whole Home Chlorination System is the only chlorination system made easy and safe for your home and family!