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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Discount Water Softeners, Inc. We have been in the water treatment industry for over 10 years. We have established ourselves locally as a leading supplier of quality water softeners and other water treatment equipment. We are a full service water treatment company located in northern Illinois. We sell, install, and service all major brand water treatment equipment locally. Please keep in mind that most of our online competitors are just that, online! They rarely work on, install, and service the systems they sell. We have found that some of our online competitors are just marketing companies looking to sell things with little or no water treatment experience just to make money.

We currently stock two leading brands of water softener valves, GE Autotrol and Fleck. Your system will be custom built from your order and always includes a bypass, 2310 brine safety float, and highly efficient resin standard. Other companies just don’t include these options so they can cut costs and increase their profits. In addition, experts are on staff to help you with any technical questions. You are not on your own after you make a purchase from Discount Water Softeners, Inc.

Our expert staff has the knowledge that will give you the confidence you need to buy from us and not the other guy. In the event that our prices are not the lowest you see online, contact us. We will do what we can to match other companies prices. But remember, you are buying from an experienced water treatment company when you buy from Discount Water Softeners, Inc.