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Do you Maintain Your Water Conditioning System Correctly?

Jan 22nd 2019

Water Softening vs. Water ConditioningWater softening and water conditioning are terms often used interchangeably. This causes some confusion when researching water filtration methods. Understanding … read more

Is Your Water Softener Outdated?

Jan 11th 2019

A home is an investment into the future. Where we choose to live takes careful consideration and planning, with the hope that we’ve made a sound financial decision for our family. Similar regard sh … read more

City Water vs. Well Water

Dec 11th 2018

It’s the perfect house. The price is right, the view gorgeous, and the kids will finally have that huge backyard they’ve always wanted. Before excitement fully sets in, another scan of the property li … read more

New Video!

Dec 11th 2018

Internal Mechanical of a Genesis Water SoftenerEver wanted to see what the inside of the Genesis water system looks like? Well, now you can!See the internal mechanical of what makes your water soft. … read more

New Water Crisis in Michigan

Dec 11th 2018

The Flint Water CrisisWater contamination issues in Flint, Michigan began in 2014 when the state, in an effort to save money, switched its water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to water f … read more