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Why is My Water Softener Overflowing?

Mar 19th 2019

We love water, but we certainly don’t love it where it doesn’t belong—like pooled on the floor of our utility rooms. Typically, there are several gallons of water inside a softening system’s brine t … read more
Things to Know Before Buying a Water Softener

Things to Know Before Buying a Water Softener

Mar 19th 2019

If you’ve ever hosted a holiday gathering, you’re well-aware that prepping your home for guests is not as simple as placing a perfectly stuffed turkey on the table. There’s a great deal of work tha … read more

​When to Regenerate a Water Softener

Mar 5th 2019

For most of the U.S., hard water is a fact of life that often comes with a high price. Minerals in hard water are tough on plumbing, your skin, and your budget. A water softening system provides hom … read more

​How to Get Rid of Orange Water Stains

Feb 20th 2019

What Causes Orange Stains From Water?No matter how often you scrub the orange stains lurking in your showers and toilets, they keep showing up like unwelcome guests. Why do these rusty streaks mate … read more

Water Softener Repairs

Feb 8th 2019

Hard water is known for its remarkable ability to damage, rust, corrode, and make everyday home life a nightmare. While calcium and magnesium minerals that cause hard water typically aren’t harmf … read more