Get the Hard facts about “Salt Free” or "Non Salt" Water Softeners.

So you want to buy a salt free water softener or a non salt water softener? 

We would love to help you but we are unable to due to the fact that SALT FREE or NON SALT water softeners do not exist. If they did, we would be selling them.

Having been in residential, commercial and industrial water treatment since 1998 we have found very few products that are effective “Game Changer” type products that actually do what they say that they do.

The salt free or non salt water softeners are mainly sold by marketing companies. These marketing companies do a fantastic job of creating effective literature and images touting their systems as a great alternative to salt based water softeners. They present certifications and testing results from foreign certified labs and customers that provide amazing reviews. Unfortunately what is not provided are actual system certifications or testing results on the effectiveness of the “salt free water softeners” by companies based in the U.S. The Water Quality Association (WQA) has not certified the system as an effective form of softening water. The certifications that are put on these systems basically state that the systems are safe. The certification states nothing in regards to the system and how effectively it softens the water. These systems do not, by definition, reduce the water hardness level by reducing the hardness of the water to below 1 grain per gallon. That is how the WQA defines soft water > 1 GPG. The results of a hardness test performed on water that has passed through a salt free water softener remains unchanged. What does this mean? It means the water is not soft. It is as simple as that. Salt free water softeners will not soften the water. It will also not provide the true benefits of having soft water such as using less soap, less cleaning products, and keeping clothes soft and lasting longer. 

Effectively Soften Your Water with Less Salt

If you are truly interested softening your water and using far less salt we suggest you consider up flow type salt based water softeners. We sell a very reliable up flow water softener in our Genesis up flow line of water softeners. Conventional water softeners typically regenerate in a down flow manner. The Genesis up flow water softeners are far more efficient using as little as 6lbs of salt per regeneration compared to older down flow systems that consume 15 lbs of salt per regeneration on a32,000 grain water softener. Our GenesisHigh Efficiency water softeners also reduce water usage on each regeneration by about 2/3 over the older down flow water softeners. All of our Genesis up flow systems also carry a more comprehensive warranty up to 10 years on the mechanical portions and lifetime on the tanks. And yes, our Genesis systems are tested and certified by the WQA for effectiveness for softening the water. 

Please feel free to click on one of the links below to view one of our Genesis High Efficiency water softeners or contact us directly for more information about any water treatment products. 

water softeners - genesis high efficiency 24000 grain

Genesis High-Efficiency Water Softeners