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Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage 50 Gallon Per Day

  • Our 5 stage compact Reverse Osmosis system eliminates the need to ever buy expensive bottled water again!

  • Improves taste, removes unwanted contaminants, and improves flavor in foods and coffee.

  • Very easy to install

  • Updated Version: Reverse Osmosis Installation Guide

Model #: RO550
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Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage 50 Gallon Per Day

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Pro 5 Reverse Osmosis System 50 GPD

Our 5-Stage 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Systems features double o-ring housings. This system offers a prefilter for sediment, activated carbon to remove chlorine, reverse osmosis membrane to reduce unwanted contaminants, an inline carbon post filter to eliminate foul taste and odors. Also features a 4 gallon NSF approved storage tank. (holds up to 3.2 gallons depending on conditions). This system has 1/4" compression fittings, 1/4" tubing, and a chrome, lead-free faucet. Also includes filter wrench for easy filter change. Replacement filters and membranes are available. This system comes complete with a full set of easy to follow installation instructions. Very few tools (a drill and screwdriver) are needed to install this unit.

Pro 5 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Sytem Includes

  • Complete 5 Stage 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System (RO550)
  • NSF Plastic 4 gallon Storage Tank (holds up to 3.2 gallons)
  • Storage Tank Shut Off Valve
  • Color Coded Tubing for easy install
  • NSF Chrome Long Reach Faucet
  • Drain Saddle Clamp
  • Filter Wrench
  • Auto Shut-Off Valve (automatically shuts system off when tank is full)
  • Stage 1: Sediment Removal
  • Stage 2: Carbon Filtration for clorine reduction and/or taste improvement
  • Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis membrane for removal of dissolved solids
  • Stage 4: Post Carbon filtration for additional taste and odor removal
  • Stage 5: Final Polishing Carbon filter for final refinement of treated water
Please click on Technical Specs for genral removal and reduction rates for TFC reverse osmosis 

Please Note: all filters and membrane for the pro 5 system are commonly found components. Not proprietary filters that are difficult to find. The 4 pre and post filters should be replaced annually. The membrane should be replaced every 2 years for proper and efficient operation

Description and Specs

Nominal Rejection Characteristics of Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes


% Rejection*



Sodium 92-98
Magnesium 93-98
Potassium 92-96
Manganese 96-98
Iron 96-98
Aluminum 96-98
Copper 96-99
Nickel 96-99
Cadmium 93-97
Silver 93-96
Zinc 96-98
Mercury 94-97
Hardness Ca&Mg 93-97
Radioactivity 93-97
Chloride 92-98
Ammonium 80-90


Ion % Rejection*
Bromide 90-95
Phosphate 95-98
Cyanide 90-97
Sulfate 96-99
Thiosulfate 96-98
Silicate 92-95
Silica 90-98
Nitrate 90-95
Boron 50-70
Borate 30-50
Fluoride 92-95
Polyphosphate 96-98
Orthophosphate 96-98
Chromate 85-95
Bacteria 99+
Lead 95-98
Arsenic 50-90



The above rejection rates can vary based on overall water quality, pressure, and temperature.