Can I filter iron out of my water with a separate filter inside my water softener?

No. Iron removal with a water softener can only be performed properly by ion exchange up to about 5ppm with special fine mesh resin as a general rule. Some companies install a separate cheap filter section inside their water softeners and claim that their system is a softener/filter. We have found that to be ineffective for long term use beyond 1 year or so. The internal filter put in a water softener or anywhere for that matter requires about double the backwash rate that a water softener does. So for example, if you put an iron or hydrogen sulfide filtration media inside of a water softener you will need to set the backwash rate at say 2.4gpm for the water softener resin and 5gpm for the filtration media. This cannot be done with one single control head. Either the filtration media will get clogged in a very short period of time or the life of the water softener resin will be significantly be shortened.

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