What if I have an iron level below 3 ppm?

If your iron content in you water is between 0.3ppm and 3 or 3.5ppm you do have other options. The above iron filtration equipment will still work and may even be recommended but, you can use a properly designed water softener. We have found that up to 0.5pp matriculator option can be used to help in removing iron collected on the water softener resin through ion exchange and can be more effectively rinsed down the drain during backwash. If your iron content is higher and up to 3.5ppm you can build your water softener system with fine mesh resin. Fine mesh resin is a much smaller resin bead that will rinse more effectively during the backwash stage of the regeneration process. Keep in mind that due to backwashing requirements it is not recommended that iron filtration medias be combined within a water softener for iron removal.

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