Should I purchase a timered water softener or on demand (metered) water softener?

Timered Water Softeners: Thetimered system is older technology that still works today.Basically the water softener is set up to regenerate after a predetermined amount of days regardless of the amount of water used. This is fine but, you may not use the same amount of water each day. So, the water softener could regenerate early or late depending on how much water is used resulting in higher costs over time. Atimered water softener system is lower in cost when purchased.

On Demand Water Softeners: An on demand or metered system is newer technology that actually counts every gallon of water used so that the system can regenerate only when needed. If you use twice as much water or half as much water as usualthe system will know it. These water softening systems cost slightly more when purchased but save on operating expenses in the long run by as much as 40%.

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