Fleck 7000 SXT Backwashing pH Neutralizing Filter 2.0 Cubic Foot

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Pentair Discontinued the Fleck 7000 and 5000 Valves on Sep 30, 2016.

This is our top-rated replacement and recommendation.

Fleck Backwashing pH Neutralizing Filter Discontinued - Genesis Backwashing pH Neutralizing Filter 2.0 Cubic Foot

The Fleck 7000 SXT High Flow Backwashing pH Neutralizing Filter System

  • No messy chemicals or salt needed
  • No more blue/green staining of fixtures
  • Effective on waters down to a pH value of 5.4
  • Custom set your system to backwash on the day you want

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Fleck 7000SXT pH Neutralizer System

Our pH neutralizer systems employ the proper mixture of clacite and corosex for optimum pH adjustment of water. pH levels as low 5.4 can be raised to near neutral equalibrium and reduce accelerated corrosion rates of your home piping. Reduces blue green staining of fixtures as well. Only requires periodic backwash to reclassify the media bed for optimal flow rates. The sacrificial media can simply be replenished when depleted. Dome hole tank is standard so you will not need to remove the control head to refill your media. 

Fleck 7000SXT pH Neutralizer System Includes:

  • Fleck 7000SXT timered backwash control valve
  • 2 cubic feet of slow dissolving neutralizing media
  • 3/4", 1" or 1 1/4"  bypass connections
  • Natural colored tank with easy refill port
  • Only requires periodic backwash
  • 12x48 media tank
  • Service flow rate is 9 GPM

System Specifications:

  • Service Flow Rate: 9 GPM @ 15 psi drop
  • Required Backwash Rate: 9 GPM
  • Regeneration Type: Timer Initiated
  • Electrical Power Requirements: 120v/60hz.
  • Warranty: Control 5 Years/ Tank 10 Years
  • Compact overall system dimensions: 14x14x56
More Information
Number of Bathrooms 4
Regeneration Type No
Required Backwash Rate No
Service Flow Rate 9 GPM
Internal Port Size 3/4"
Media Tank Size 12x48
Overall Dimensions (Width x Dimension x Height) 14x14x56
Electrical Power Requirements No
Warranty 5 Years Control/ 10 Years Tanks
Ships with media in tank for easy installation No
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