Fleck 5000 Backwashing Birm Filter 1 Cubic Foot

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Pentair Discontinued the Fleck 7000 and 5000 Valves on Sep 30, 2016.

This is our top-rated replacement and recommendation.

Fleck 5000 Backwashing Birm Filter Discontinued - Genesis Backwashing Birm Filter 1 Cubic Foot

The Fleck 5000 Backwashing Birm Filter system for Removing Iron and Manganese

  • Birm removes iron and manganese that water softeners can't
  • Dissolved iron above 3ppm will cause problems in a water softener
  • Iron levels above 5ppm will foul a water softener
  • Birm can remove up to 11,000ppm per cubic foot between backwashes without messy chemicals or salt

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Birm Iron and Manganese Filter System

Birm® is an efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies.  Birm acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen and the iron compounds. In ground waters the dissolved iron is usually in the ferrous bicarbonate state due to the excess of free carbon dioxide and is not filterable. Birm, acting as a catalyst between the oxygen and the soluble iron compounds, enhances the oxidation reaction of Fe++ to Fe+++ and produces ferric hydroxide which precipitates and may be easily filtered. The physical characteristics of Birm provide an excellent filter media which is easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the precipitant. Birm is not consumed in the iron removal operation and therefore offers a tremendous economic advantage over many other iron removal methods. Micronizer may be needed for iron levels above 5ppm. Not for use with water containing hydrogen sulfide.

Birm Filter System Includes:

  • Fleck 5000 timered backwash control valve
  • 1 cubic foot of iron removing birm
  • 3/4 inch or 1 inch bypass connections
  • 3 colors to choose from blue, natural or black.
  • Only requires periodic backwash
  • 9x48 media tank.
  • Service flow rate is 4 GPM

System Specifications:

  • Service Flow Rate: 4 GPM @ 15 psi drop
  • Required Backwash Rate: 5 GPM
  • Regeneration Type: Timer Initiated
  • Electrical Power Requirements: 120v/60hz.
  • Warranty: Control 5 Years/ Tanks 10 Years
  • Required backwash rate is 5 GPM
  • Compact overall system dimensions: 10x14x56
More Information
Number of Bathrooms 2
Regeneration Type No
Required Backwash Rate No
Service Flow Rate 4 GPM
Internal Port Size 3/4"
Media Tank Size 9x48
Overall Dimensions (Width x Dimension x Height) 10x14x56
Electrical Power Requirements No
Warranty 5 Years Control/ 10 Years Tanks
Ships with media in tank for easy installation Yes
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