Genesis Ozone Chemical Free Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Filter with Bacterial Control 2 Cubic Foot

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Genesis Ozone Chemical Free Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Filter with Bacterial Control

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The Genesis Ozone Chemical Free System is the ideal solution for controlling iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and bacteria within the filter system.  No more rotten egg water. No more messy and expensive chemicals. Our Genesis Ozone Chemical Free system allows you to reduce high dissolved iron up to 10ppm, manganese up to 5ppm, and hydrogen sulfide up to 5ppm with one simple system. We accelerated the oxidation process by adding an Ozone generator to enhance the system capabilities. Our Ozone generator draws in the Ozone during the draw stage of the regeneration to disinfect the water and filter media bed. The Genesis Ozone System is a "set and forget" system! No need to ever worry about reprogramming or resetting the time. The Genesis control has a unique feature of an internal capacitor that will keep your time set for up to 48 hours in the event of a power outage. It also has a non volatile memory standard that will never allow your system settings to ever be lost.

Ozone water purification is the most effective FDA approved water purification method for controling toxins without the use of harmful chemicals. Ozone, also known as O3, is a highly powerful oxidant that renders pesticides, fungus, organic materials, contaminates and viruses useless and is much more potent than chlorine. Ozone water purification is currently the most popular water purification method used. Ozone is an excellent disinfectant with the superior ability to kill viruses and biological contaminants found in water. It is also a very powerful oxidant that can oxidize metals in water such as manganese, iron and sulfur into insoluble particles, aiding in their filtration and removal from water. Oxidization by ozone in water purification also aids in removing taste and odor problems from water much more efficiently than chlorine, and ozone itself doesn’t produce any odor or taste. Due to the fact that ozone consists of oxygen, it reverts back to pure oxygen and disappears without a trace after it’s been used. Not only does ozone remove microorganisms from water, it also halts the accumulation of deposits in your pipes and water system which greatly improves the quality of your water. Another very important benefit of water purification using ozone is that no chemicals are added to the water. Ozone is a naturally occurring substance and when utilized for water purification purposes it immediately degrades back to oxygen leaving no trace.

How Does Ozone Water Purification Work?

Ozone is composed of three Oxygen atoms. One of the atoms is connected to the others weakly and will transfer itself to other substances such as viruses and bacteria, causing them to oxidize by binding itself onto them. Ozone water purification requires something called an ozone generator. The ozone generator produces ozone much in the same way as the sun does in the upper atmosphere. High intensity ultraviolet lamps inside the ozone generator simulate the ozone producing ultraviolet rays of the sun and when compressed air is passed through the ultraviolet chamber of the ozone generator, some of the oxygen is converted to ozone.  Ozone can also be created through chemical and electrolytic reactions.

The ozone that has been produced is then passed into a diffuser which creates bubbles and saturates them with ozone. These ozone saturated bubbles are then mixed with water in a water purification tank causing the weaker Oxygen molecule in the ozone to separate and bind itself to any organic molecules existing in the water. When this oxygen molecule attaches itself to organic matter oxidization takes place and the substance is turned into something else resulting in purified, clean drinking water.  Water purified by ozone is now free of protozoa, fungi, germs and bacteria and is safe for human consumption. Ozone water purification accounts for more than ninety percent of the world’s purified water and most bottled waters are treated by ozone. There is a new trend in which some pool companies have begun to use ozone water purification instead of traditionally used chlorine due to the fact that it has less undesirable side effects

The Genesis Ozone Chemical System Includes:

  • Genesis Backwashing Digital Timered Control Valve
  • Ozone Generator with Air Dry Chamber
  • 2 cubic feet of high capacity Pro Flow Media
  • 100% Chemical Free Operation 
  • 1 inch bypass connections Included
  • 12x52 media tank. 
More Information
Number of Bathrooms 3
Regeneration Type Timer Initiated
Required Backwash Rate 7.5 GPM
Service Flow Rate Up to 10 GPM @ 15 psi drop
Internal Port Size 1"
Media Tank Size 12x52
Overall Dimensions (Width x Dimension x Height) 16x16x60
Electrical Power Requirements 120v/60hz
Warranty 10 Years Control/ Lifetime Tanks
Ships with media in tank for easy installation Yes
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