Genesis Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter for Removal of Chlorine and Chloramines 1 Cubic Foot

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The Genesis Catalytic  Backwashing Activated Carbon Filter system for Removing Chloramines, Chlorine and ImprovingTaste and Odor

  • Removes Chloramines, Chlorine, VOC's and other chemicals
  • Removes taste and odors that water softeners can't
  • Improves water for the entire home
  • Ideal for reduction of chlorine used in injection systems
  • Backwashes without messy chemicals or salt
  • Ideal for homes with up to 2 bathrooms

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Genesis Catalytic Carbon Filter System removes Chloramines, Chlorine and most all VOC's

The Genesis Catalytic carbon filter system is an efficient and economical media for the reduction chloramines, chlorine, pesticides, chemicals and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in municipal water supplies.  Catalytic carbon is also commonly used in water treatment to improve the overall taste and odors in water. Can also be used in whole house chlorination systems to reduce excessive injected chlorine for oxidation purposes.

The Genesis automatic backwashing control uses NSF and FDA approved components also allows for a reclassification of the carbon media as well as periodic rinsing of the media bed to prevent build up on the surface of the carbon media. The Genesis backwashing control head provides superior performace and unsurpassed 7-year warranty using the proven piston mechanical design with reliable and precise digital programming. The Genesis control head is simple to setup and program right out of the box. The Genesis backwashing catalytic carbon filter you get better tasting, better flavor in your water all while making it safer to drink. 

Genesis Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter System Includes:

  • Genesis digital timered backwash control valve
  • 1 cubic foot of Catalytic granular activated carbon
  • 3/4 inch or 1 inch bypass connections
  • Only requires periodic backwash
  • 9x48 media tank.
  • Service flow rate is 5 GPM
  • Uses less than $3.00 of electricity annually


  • Removes chlorine, chloramines, VOC's and chemicals
  • Get better tasting water in your whole home with one simple solution
  • Improves foul odors
  • Extremely easy to install and maintain
  • No filters to change or media replacement for nearly 10 years


More Information
Number of Bathrooms 2
Regeneration Type Timer Initiated
Required Backwash Rate 5 GPM
Service Flow Rate 5 GPM @ 15 psi drop
Internal Port Size 3/4"
Media Tank Size 9x48
Overall Dimensions (Width x Dimension x Height) 9x14x56
Electrical Power Requirements 120v/60hz
Warranty 7 Years Control/ Lifetime Tank
Ships with media in tank for easy installation Yes
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