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Traditional salt based softener vs. salt free SoftSorb

What is the difference in softening with ion exchange salt based units and SoftSorb™ systems?

Ion exchange resins remove Ca and Mg ions from water and replace these with sodium ions.

Salt based water softening systems require water for backwashing and salt for regeneration. The increased sodium content of the water is a concern to more and more government official as well as people on highly restricted salt diets. Water for backwashing and the cost for salt can exceed $200 each year. Control heads, as required for salt based systems, must be maintained which is an additional ongoing maintenance cost.

In the SoftSorb™ system the water hardness is transformed into firm non soluble crystals and not removed. The crystals are transformed out of solution. The crystal can not attach to pipes or appliances. There is no need for regeneration or backwash of the media because the SoftSorb™ system works like a catalyst.

The SoftSorb™ system does not use salt and therefore does not add sodium to the water. It requires only a simple in and out control head that is utilized in a upflow design with no water needed for backwashing and no salt for regeneration. Results- no additional costs for salt, no costs for excessive backwashing water, no service calls ever!